Hi, I am Sebastian.
Freelance project manager and copywriter
from Berlin

Focusing on making your power copy understandable, relevant AND LIKEABLE.
ABout me

Berlin born but travelling the world and gaining knowledge in as many fields as possible. But mostly writing.

Being a project manager first, I understood products better than anyone on the team so I found myself writing about them. Combining those two professions made me capable of understanding the businesses I’m working with and help them grow.

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What I do

I’m not multitasking I am just working on multiple tasks.

Project Management

Guiding a project from the beginning through the middle to the end


Creative copywriting

A good piece of copy is very dependent on the message you are trying to send.


Project Management

When you build a website, you have very powerful marketing collateral that you can use to get more business than you ever thought possible.


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since i write for my clients i started writing for myself. here’s my blog

Writing articles that may help you grow your business, find your creative voice, or maybe even start a riot

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